The elbow is designed to work with the Shoulder and wrist to allow us to explore, interact and manipulate our world. Dysfunction or pain around this joint can severely limit things like bathing, dressing, driving and taking care of the family. Many of our job functions require mobility, strength and fine tune function the elbow. For this reason, overuse injuries like Tennis Elbow are very common in certain industries and hobbies or sports. Our Motion Specialist team of Nationally Certified Physical Therapists, fitness professionals and instructors evaluate how the shoulder works in conjunction with the rest of your body and are skilled in helping restore injured or malfunctioning feet to optimal performance.

Common diagnoses include: Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) injury, Valgus Extension Overload (VEO), Flexor Tendinitis, Ulnar Neuritis, Olecranon Stress Fracture

For more information about this or other common issues visit the The American Physical Therapy Association.


EW Motion Therapy’s goal is to help our clients reach their optimal level of mobility so that whatever they do, they can do it better. We use a medically based, whole-body system to evaluate, treat, and prevent movement problems. Our system addresses our clients’ movement dysfunctions, eliminates their pain, and improves their performance.

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