EW Empowering Motion – Headache: Causes, Prevention and Treatment.

Most of us have a headache at some point in our lives. Myofascial work to release tension on the skull and jaw almost always helps relieve the pain. But in treating headache, it’s important to begin by figuring out whether the headache is a primary condition or a secondary symptom of some other disorder, such as TMJ or neck or low back pain. The Mayo Clinic’s website on headache lists primary and secondary causes of headache and describes them well. This list is extensive, but most of these conditions are rare, and most still allow you to receive myofascial work safely. So be sure to see your doctor to rule out primary headache causes such as high blood pressure, vascular disturbance, brain tumor, and others before you begin treatment.

Our Approach To Headache Relief

At EW Motion Therapy, our approach to resolving the musculoskeletal aspect of headache usually involves treating the head pain not as the problem, but as a symptom of an imbalance in the hips and pelvis. Most of the time this is where the problem originates, and any attempt to work with the head alone will give only temporary relief. The golden rule is that the head will follow the pelvis. Good manual therapy to the head and pelvis will begin a process of real recovery. Combine this with an exercise program that supports a strong core and a neutrally positioned pelvis, and you will not only conquer headache but a long list of potential dysfunctions.

How Pilates Can Help

Pilates, especially reformer-based Pilates, taught with expert guidance is a great exercise approach for establishing a strong core and neutral pelvis. At EW, we offer Pilates as part of your PT program and as a separate fitness program. The EW difference is in the level of expertise our therapists and instructors bring to Pilates. We won’t just throw you into a class where you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. Your initial experience, whether in physical therapy or fitness, will be one-on-one until you are placed in a class appropriate for your level.
Regardless of where you get help, be proactive and diligent. You can beat a headache and solve other problems along the way. Good luck!

Schedule your EW Consult and we will come up with a game plan to help relieve your headache symptoms.

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