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Welcome to the EW “Empowering Motion” VIDEO BLOG.

I’m Mike Eskridge, one of the founding partners of EW Motion Therapy.

Since 1999, we have promoted health and vitality in our clients by empowering motion. Our core values drive all our decisions, and we strive to exceed expectations in each client experience. We believe every person is unique in their wellness journey. We seek to provide a positive atmosphere of continuous learning and sharing in a clean, state-of-the-art facility.

We begin this exciting journey with our video blog based on our mission to promote health and vitality by empowering motion! Our topics will focus on your health, your lifestyle, and your fitness. With Matt Wright handling our videography, this blog should be informative and fun.

I’ve decided to use the first installment to address low back pain. The Mayo Clinic reports that 70 percent of Americans will miss at least one day of work because of low back pain. In our first installment, we will address some of the potential reasons for an epidemic level of dysfunction that affects almost everyone. Our hope is to make this fun and informative in the very special EW way we’ve developed during 20 years of helping you feel better, move better and live better.

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