EW Body Specialist // Marketing Liaison // Athletic Trainer, ATC // EW Motion Therapy Homewood // EW Motion Therapy

Candy’s passion is building lifelong relationships with her clients. “Candy has a true gift in connecting with people,” says Mike Eskridge, COPDE and founding partner of EW Motion Therapy. “Whether she is working on a client in our EW Body program or building a unique marketing relationship, Candy’s love for people shines through!” As our lead EW Body Specialist, Candy incorporates more than 20 years of experience in soft tissue, massage and exercise techniques that promote health and vitality in her clients. With her athletic training background, Candy has worked extensively with adolescent and adult athletes to prevent injury and improve performance. Additionally, Candy loves to share the “EW story” through events, workshops, and meetings. Candy’s areas of interest include sports performance, injury prevention, dance, and helping her clients maintain a healthy lifestyle. She stays active with regular Zumba classes, travel, shopping, and spending time with her family and friends. A native of Homewood, Candy has lived in Gardendale since 1996. Education: Samford University, Degree in Athletic Training (1996); Auburn University, Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Human Promotion (1992).


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