Billing Coordinator // EW Motion Therapy

Marika’s passion is educating everyone she encounters about the importance of moving and remaining active to stay healthy. From discussing the importance of using a stand–up desk at your office job to encouraging everyone to keep moving to striving to ensure that all patients gets the care they need, Marika works daily to promote health and vitality by empowering motion. Marika is responsible for our billing department, client services, compliance, and staff education. “Marika is truly exceptional!” says Rachel Golden, Business Manager of EW Motion Therapy. “She is organized, informed, and patient. She is an excellent problem solver and patient advocate and takes great effort to help our patients get the care they need.” Marika’s areas of interest include improving organizational process, providing exceptional customer service, mentoring staff, and promoting a unique client experience. Marika maintains a healthy lifestyle by hiking, boxing, and attending high–intensity interval training classes. A native of Cordova, Alabama, she has called Gardendale her home since 2016. Education: APTA and Web PT: Billing and Coding Continuing Education seminars (2015-Present); UAB, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science (2011).

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