Power vs. Force

Empowering Our Clients


Empowering motion in our community is what drives EW.

That goal shapes our core values and our practice. The idea of empowerment lies at the center of what we do and motivates us as we treat and train clients and educate our staff. The concept is even what drives our company’s financial goals. We know that our success depends on your success. Though we value our great relationships with physicians, corporations and lots of small business entities, the quality of what we do is what brings in our business. We know that if we’re not successful in empowering motion in our clients, we won’t last very long.

Our staff is vital to the goal of empowering motion through high-quality services. The cost of doing quality work is high; we have a greater ratio of professionals to clients than you’ll find in the typical physical therapy setting. We hire skilled therapists and trainers who are passionate about empowering motion and motivated to deliver the best in service. Then we train them with our core values in mind.

Empathy | Connection | Empowerment

We realize that our therapists must be empathetic to empower motion in our clients, so
the first step we take with new hires is making sure they understand the importance of making a human connection. Connection begins with conceptualizing the client’s motivation for coming to EW. People need to stay in the game for many reasons, and all of them are important to the staff here. Our therapists and trainers leave their own place in life at the door and strive to understand the client’s goals. We want a healthy, 25-year-old therapist in our practice to be able to empathize with a 75-year-old facing severe chronic low back pain. We want to know not just that a client wants to run a 5k, but why running? Why now? Since most people exercise at least in part to relieve stress, what stresses is the client trying to manage?

We teach our therapists and trainers to encourage, guide and teach rather than control and push. We give our clients hope. It’s all about empowering clients with positive reinforcement and encouragement rather than forcing solutions. We create the best work environment possible so that our clients feel this constant flow of positive energy.

Our goal is that every product we offer conveys this same message.

We deliver Physical Therapy, Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, Corealign, our Balance program and Bodywork with the highest level of care and expertise. We have a vastly experienced staff and a passionate continuing education system that keeps the senior staff refreshed and the newer staff well-prepared.

The moment you see your child, your loved one or yourself overcome a physical obstacle and move again unhindered is priceless. This is the real magic of empowerment.


Let us help you be your best by giving you our best. Schedule a free EW Consult today!

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