Here at EW Motion Therapy, we are becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to be hip dominant when we move. That’s another way of saying our posterior muscles should predominate as we walk, run, lift, dance or move in other ways. In most of us, the low back and knees tend to dominate our movement. This causes pain in these areas and even in our feet, necks and other parts of our backs. Low-back and knee dominance also create degenerative forces that damage these joints over time.

About Hip Dominance

Hip dominance is letting our posterior muscles control our movement by establishing strong hip extension when we move. This brings into play a long list of favorable changes. Hip dominance leads to strong, responsive gluteal muscles, much more flexible hip flexors, a neutral pelvis, an optimal lumbar curve, and a much more vertical standing posture.

A great way to see the effect of hip dominance is by coaching a runner into a proper running position. As a runner shifts weight back toward their heels and gets taller, they begin to activate their posterior musculature as well as their core muscles. Once their cadence quickens with an improved arm swing, we begin to see the magic take place. The heels begin to strike directly below or behind the knees. The knees soften into flexion instead of locking into extension. The lumbar curve becomes much less severe as the hips extend instead of the low back. The hidden powerhouse of the gluteal muscles starts to function again. The runner’s movement becomes quieter and more efficient. Running in this position dramatically decreases cumulative stress on the low back and knees. Very good case studies show the effectiveness of this approach to alleviate pain from degenerative and/or unstable knees. These studies include pain in the back, neck, and foot as well.

The Benefit

Establishing a hip-dominant movement allows us to truly fix a pain problem. This sounds simple, but even an expert would find it difficult to achieve true change like this without help. EW Motion Therapy offers several avenues to bring about positive changes in your movement patterns that can decrease pain and increase joint health. We have as great a level of experience and expertise as you are going to find in an array of life-altering interventions that include physical therapy, personal training, Pilates, Corealign, yoga, and bodywork. Let us help you challenge yourself toward achieving true change.

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