IT System Administrator

Noelle’s passion is learning, problem solving, and making today’s challenges tomorrow’s opportunities. Rachel Golden, Business Manager of EW Motion Therapy Management, states, “Noelle brings a unique skillset to EW. She flawlessly integrates database management, metrics, operations, marketing, and employee training in a manner that has elevated all of us at EW! She is a difference maker.”

“I love working at EW because every day is different from the one prior. I am constantly being challenged to take on new tasks, learn new tools, and use them to create new organizational process. I appreciate our team of EW professionals and their passion for the jobs they do,” states, Thibeault.

Noelle enjoys continual learning through reading, research, and travel. She loves the challenge of solving complex problems and utilizing technology to improve organizational process. Noelle stays active with regular hikes with her dog.

A native of Norwich, Connecticut, she has called Birmingham her home since 2017.

Education: University of Alabama at Birmingham, Bachelor of Science in Information Systems with a Concentration in Cyber Security Management (2019)

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