Active Recovery & Mobility


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The EW Active Recovery and Mobility Program is a multidisciplined approach to restoring and improving the human body. The overall goals of the program are to increase parasympathetic tone, improve tissue quality and pliability, improve joint range of motion, and program safer and more efficient movement patterns to improve athleticism, increase longevity, and reduce injury risk. This program was developed to meet the needs of athletes in-season and off-season and has been utilized by NFL, UFC, MLB, collegiate, high school, and recreational athletes alike. AT EW, we understand that movement can be therapeutic as much as it can improve performance; and we provide athletes with a formula to unlock their bodies and maximize their movement potential. Private instruction and small group classes are available.

Our Guarantee: Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better!

Active Recovery & Mobility – PROGRAM DETAILS

  • Assessment - Learn about your body with the EW Functional Motion Assessment. Find out where you may have restrictions or weaknesses that are limiting your movement potential.
  • Release - Learn and implement self-massage techniques to improve tissue quality and pliability.
  • Mobility - Learn and implement drills to improve joint range of motion, posture, and alignment
  • Integration - Program your newfound range of motion into your movement patterns. Learn and practice safer and more efficient movement.

  • Improve recovery from intense workouts and athletic events
  • Decrease injuries, aches, and pains
  • Improve your body mechanics to perform better
  • The perfect supplement to any training program

EW Consult: You know you need to make some changes in your lifestyle, but don’t know which direction to go. The EW consult is designed to help you find the right direction. Schedule a 30-minute consultation with a Physical Therapist or Motion Specialist to discuss your wellness and health goals. During this conversation, we will touch on the key points involved in your health and well-being. What do you consider your biggest challenges you will face in becoming the person you want to be? This consult will help with direction and assist you in making the best decisions regarding the exercise program that best meets your needs. We will touch on additional wellness topics such as nutrition, sleep, and stress management. This could be 30 minutes that could change your life!

Cost: $30




I have been coming to EW for over 10 years. I was initially referred by my doctor for physical therapy and have subsequently continued on a regular basis with EW Body. In my opinion, the distinguishing factors that set EW apart from other groups are the private rooms, consistency of care and focus of treatment. Additionally, the quality of customer service is always excellent. The treatment and wellness/exercise/prevention tips that I receive have been of great value to my mobility and overall function! Retired CFO
Dr. Alfred Stanley
I came to EW for physical therapy following my vertebral fracture and kyphoplasty upon recommendations from friends and positive reports from my own patients. The experience with my physical therapist, Christian Cox has been very valuable to my overall wellness. Prior to starting therapyat EW, my activity was very limited and my sleep was chronically disrupted due to back and leg pain. Iam now walking 4000–5000steps per day, sleeping well and without pain! The knowledge, positive attitude, and kindness demonstrated by the staff at EW set them apart from the rest.
Angie Perry
I ended up at EW for physical therapy because of recommendations from several of my friends. They told me that there was no better place in Birmingham for PT and they were correct! The entire staff at EW is so friendly and helpful and I sense a genuine concern about me when I am there. My physical therapist Amanda always takes the time to teach me and explain why we are doing the exercises that she gives me. I would highly recommend EW Motion Therapy!
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