EW Healthy Lifestyles Blog – Stressed Out? Keep Calm and Carry On!

VOLUME 3: Stress March 5, 2021 STRESSED OUT? KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON! Stress comes in all shapes and sizes. Both good and bad. The key to managing it rests in our ability to understand that living healthy is a process. Purpose and routine are paramount in dealing with the ill effects of negative stimuli. Practicing good nutrition, sleep, exercise, and social interaction are key! In this edition, …

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EW Healthy Lifestyles Blog – Do You Eat To Live Or Live To Eat?

VOLUME 2: Nutrition February 05, 2021 Do You Eat To Live Or Live To Eat? Understanding and implementing sound nutritional principles is key to living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight but eating in an optimal way can be complicated. Keep in mind that it’s impossible to reach your fitness goals without proper nutrition, no …

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EW Healthy Lifestyles Blog – Celebrating 20 Years

VOLUME 1: EXERCISE JANUARY 21, 2021 CELEBRATING 20 YEARS! It would be an understatement to say we are glad to see 2020 behind us. Our heartfelt sorrow goes out to everyone who experienced illness, loss, and hardship. At EW we realize, now more than ever, healthy lifestyle choices are key to physical and mental well-being. We hope the EW Keys to Healthy Lifestyle Blog can play a small role in your wellness journey. In this edition, we celebrate …

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Holiday Virtual Workshop Signup Name* First Last Phone Email* Dates*December 1st 6:00 – 6:45 PMDecember 3rd 12:00 – 12:45 PMWhich of the two dates? Questions?If you have a question related to how Exercise, Breath and Sleep can Energize and De-Stress your holiday season, please submit here

Silven Cox

Silven is passionate about helping his clients realize their potential through intentional coaching and establishing a sound exercise program that will enable them to live their lives to the fullest. He understands the significance of being trusted with someone’s health and wellness journey, and never takes that opportunity for granted. Is experienced in multiple schools …

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Mallie has a passion to serve and motivate clients, colleagues, and the greater community by helping each individual to reach their goals through movement and wellness principles, especially through Pilates. Her areas of interest include manual therapy, Pilates, yoga, knee and back pain, balance training, sports related injuries, and treating athletes of every age. She also has a desire …



Motion Specialist // Certified Personal Trainer Shamus is passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles by empowering motion! “He expertly incorporates both corrective and functional training into his programming to help his clients move better, feel better, and live better,” states Jesse Douglas, Director of EW Fit. He credits an active lifestyle in developing his interest in …



IT System Administrator Noelle’s passion is learning, problem solving, and making today’s challenges tomorrow’s opportunities. Rachel Golden, Business Manager of EW Motion Therapy Management, states, “Noelle brings a unique skillset to EW. She flawlessly integrates database management, metrics, operations, marketing, and employee training in a manner that has elevated all of us at EW! She …


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