EW Empowering Motion – Recovery

Time for Installment Two, which I’ll begin with a bit of humble braggery. It’s a boring war story, but I’m making a point about your health and performance. In 1982, I ran the Huntsville Rocket City Marathon. It was a cold windy day, raining and sleeting. I ran the...

EW Empowering Motion – Low Back Pain

  Low back pain is the most common back pain Americans suffer. According to Mayo Clinic research, 70 percent of Americans will mist one day of work due to lower back pain. Why is this? Let's talk about some likely causes If we look at basic functional anatomy, we...

EW Empowering Motion Blog Intro

We begin this exciting journey with our video blog based on our mission to promote health and vitality by empowering motion!  Our topics will focus on your health, your lifestyle, and your fitness.  With Matt Wright handling our videography, this blog should be informative and fun.