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Since 1999, EW Motion Therapy has offered treatments that are medically-based, diligently measured, and produce good outcomes. Our experience with Dry Needling has demonstrated its effectiveness in addressing pain, restoring function, and improving mobility caused by the dysfunctional motor and/or trigger points. Both patient testimonials and clinical outcomes, consistently support its effectiveness in decreasing pain, reducing tension, and restoring normal muscle function. At EW, our focus is on the whole body, corrective interventions designed to help you move better, feel better, and live better! Every EW dry needling client performs a functional movement analysis designed to assist the clinician in determining the most appropriate treatment application and to assess effectiveness. Dry needling sessions may be performed as an adjunct technique during a physical therapy treatment session, as a stand-alone rehab intervention, or as a valuable tool in a wellness/training program. All EW physical therapists utilizing the Dry Needling Technique are certified in its application.


What is Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a therapeutic technique that involves using a fine filament needle to treat a painful or dysfunctional motor or trigger point in a muscle to bring about symptom relief and regain normal functional mobility. At EW, our therapists are certified in the use of dry needling and apply this technique after a thorough functional movement analysis. This analysis allows the therapist to identify the movement faults stemming from the myofascial trigger point. When the trigger point is released, the pain resolves and movement is normalized.

Program Benefits

Decreased pain
Improved muscle and myofascial function
Reduce myofascial tension and tightness
Eliminate trigger points
Normalize resting myofascial tone and length
Improved posture and functional movement patterns
Improved training and post-event/competition recovery

Common Conditions

Myofascial pain
Muscle spasms
Muscle tightness
Cervicogenic headaches
TMJ dysfunction
Ligament, tendon, and muscle insertional pain (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow…)

EW Consult

EW Consult: You know you need to make some changes in your lifestyle, but don’t know which direction to go. The EW consult is designed to help you find the right direction. Schedule a 30-minute consultation with a Physical Therapist or Motion Specialist to discuss your wellness and health goals. During this conversation, we will touch on the key points involved in your health and well-being. What do you consider your biggest challenges you will face in becoming the person you want to be? This consult will help with direction and assist you in making the best decisions regarding the exercise program that best meets your needs. We will touch on additional wellness topics such as nutrition, sleep, and stress management. This could be 30 minutes that could change your life!

Cost: $30





I have been coming to EW for over 10 years. I was initially referred by my doctor for physical therapy and have subsequently continued on a regular basis with EW Body. In my opinion, the distinguishing factors that set EW apart from other groups are the private rooms, consistency of care and focus of treatment. Additionally, the quality of customer service is always excellent. The treatment and wellness/exercise/prevention tips that I receive have been of great value to my mobility and overall function!

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