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At EW Personal Training, we will give you the tools you need to be fit for life. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and ability to move with confidence and vigor for years to come. Sustainability is the cornerstone of our training philosophy. Our instructors, many who have advanced certifications, are some of the highest skilled clinicians in their field. We are students of movement, and we treat your body as an integrated, connected system. The EW Personal Training team develops safe, individualized programming for private sessions and small groups. Each session is interventional with the goals of creating and improving healthy movement patterns. We offer specialty programming with a core focus on corrective and functional exercise progressions. We often work closely with our physical therapy staff to strengthen clients pre and post physical therapy when appropriate.

We utilize state of the art Keiser Infinity Series Functional Trainers, Ultimate Sandbag, Hardstyle Kettlebells, Stick Mobility, TRX, and free weights.

Our Guarantee: Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better!

EW Personal Training – PROGRAM DETAILS

Clients new to Personal Training begin their practice in our introductory program. The program consists of a package of 4 private sessions. We recommend that you complete the package in 2-3 weeks for best results. Upon completion, each client will receive a class recommendation for enrolling in classes.

Clients with current Personal Training or prior experience will schedule a private session with one of our instructors. During the session, you will complete a wellness screening, our EW Functional Motion Assessment, and be evaluated on equipment. At the end of the session, class recommendations will be made.

One on one sessions scheduled with an instructor. Private sessions are required for clients not ready to safely enter a class. Every client, regardless of experience, will benefit from the addition of private sessions to their practice.

  • Does not require physician referral

Foundational principles of Pilates. Every client, regardless of experience, will benefit from the addition of regularly scheduled Foundations classes into their practice. We recommend that even the most experienced clients schedule 1 to 2 Foundations classes per month to better their practice.

Reformer, Tower, Mat, CoreAlign, Chair, MOTR, Props.

Reformer, Tower, Mat, CoreAlign, Chair, MOTR, Props.


Do you want to get the most out of your sport and have better results? If your answer is yes, then an EW Student-athlete program is a great place to start. Since 1999, we have met the unique needs present in running, swimming, throwing, hitting, jumping, and collision sports. Whether you are an elite level D1 athlete, new to training, new to EW, or a current client, we design 18 and under youth programs to help you move better, feel better, live better and compete better! Over the many years of working with athletes and students, experience has shown us that foundational deficits exist in mobility (range of motion), strength, core stability, and integrated motion that limit the overall effectiveness of most training programs. Foundational deficits contribute to injury in the weight room, on the field, and during strength and conditioning sessions. Problems arise with “one size fits all” programs as they do not address or acknowledge the unique needs of an adolescent and teenage body. Simply put, an athlete’s speed and agility, strength, and fitness goals cannot be accomplished without a corrective and individualized plan. Our goals are to keep our athletes and students healthy and strong and give them the tools to succeed in sport and beyond. Programs are designed to complement, not replace, your current sport and training program.


The EW Motion Therapy Student-Athlete Program is designed to enhance athletic performance, prevent injury and compliment sports specific training in or out of season. We offer specialty programming with a focus on corrective and functional exercise. Key program components include strength & mobility training, Pilates, CoreAlign™, Yoga, and Bodywork sessions. Our team of experts develop safe, individualized programs performed in private sessions and small groups.


At EW Motion Therapy, we recognize the importance of developing safe and effective wellness programs for the adolescent and teenage client. The EW 18U Training program is interventional with the goal of creating and improving healthy movement patterns for all participants. One-size fits all programs do not work and are often dangerous. Our physical therapists and motion specialists are experts in understanding the unique needs of a developing body. The EW 18U Training program is performed in private sessions and small groups and focuses on introducing and developing foundational principles of strength, mobility, balance and power. Key program components include strength & mobility training, Pilates, Yoga, and CoreAlign™.

EW Consult: You know you need to make some changes in your lifestyle, but don’t know which direction to go. The EW consult is designed to help you find the right direction. Schedule a 30-minute consultation with a Physical Therapist or Motion Specialist to discuss your wellness and health goals. During this conversation, we will touch on the key points involved in your health and well-being. What do you consider your biggest challenges you will face in becoming the person you want to be? This consult will help with direction and assist you in making the best decisions regarding the exercise program that best meets your needs. We will touch on additional wellness topics such as nutrition, sleep, and stress management. This could be 30 minutes that could change your life!

Cost: $30




I have been an EW PT and personal training client for several years. In my opinion, they have the highest educated staff of fitness professionals who truly understand the body and the potential risks of injury. My training program is tailored to my specific goals and I take comfort in the fact that physical therapists are on site should I have a problem. The atmosphere is very positive and it makes me want to come back every week!

I have been an EW Fit client for over 5 years and have continued to come because of the professionalism, comprehensive evaluation approach and level of expertise that I have experienced in their physical therapy and fitness training programs.The staff is always very sensitive and friendly, and I love their facilities. I highly recommend EW to family and friends when I have the chance!
After surgery for a herniated disc, my surgeon recommended EW for physical therapy. Upon completion of PT, I immediately transitioned to EW Fit. (I had never even considered personal training prior to this.) I was impressed with the individualized approach the trainer took to address my needs and challenges. As my recovery progressed, the training sessions did too... And I began to feel the total body benefits! Today, I choose EW Fit because my trainer (Brad Atkinson) knows exactly how to challenge and motivate me while ensuring I work safely. If I arrive with a pain or stiffness, he modifies the session to accommodate and assist in recovery, while still providing an effective workout. In addition to the physical health benefits, I simply feel better about myself! EW does not have the feel of a “gym” or “health club”. Instead, it’s a community of people (of all ages) working with skilled trainers to enhance their physical condition and quality of life. EW trainers use a medically sound approach and truly care about their clients. Additionally, they are supported with ongoing development by EW management and good facilities. I was so pleased with the experience and progress that I encouraged my wife to try EW Fit. She has been very impressed with her trainer (Mike James) and is now a client also! Supply Chain Manager
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