Here at EW Motion Therapy, we are becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to be hip dominant when we move. That’s another way of saying our posterior muscles should predominate as we walk, run, lift, dance or move in other ways. In most of us, the low back and knees tend …


Power vs. Force

Empowering Our Clients   Empowering motion in our community is what drives EW. That goal shapes our core values and our practice. The idea of empowerment lies at the center of what we do and motivates us as we treat and train clients and educate our staff. The concept is even what drives our company’s …

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EW Empowering Motion Blog – Stress Fractures and Stress-Related Injuries

https://youtu.be/QoN2EUTkXlQ Stress fractures and stress responses are tiny cracks in the bone. These injuries are usually caused by repetitive forces such as distance running and jumping, but they can also arise from normal use if the bone is weakened by osteoporosis. Stress injuries are most common in the weight-bearing bones of the lower leg and …

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Licensed Physical Therapist, PT, MSPT // Certified Dry Needling Specialist / Clinical Director of EW Motion Therapy Hoover Scott’s passion is to help people recognize their opportunity to improve, promote and retain healthy movement patterns through strategies and techniques that enhance their potential to move better, feel better, and live better. Scott has an extensive background in manual therapy, …

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