I began a relationship with the firm of EW following rotator cuff surgery two years ago. I chose EW for post-surgery rehabilitation from the options given to me by the orthopedic surgeon and it was a good decision. I had previously been there occasionally to exercise.

The shoulder surgery and rehabilitation were successful and when I was released from treatment for that injury, I continued my session at EW transferring from PT to EW Fit. I have regularly continued the training program since then, with Matt Wright as my trainer.

The EW facilities and equipment have recently been expanded and improved and the entity has reorganized, changing its name to EW Motion Therapy. There is very little turn-over in staff and they are well-trained in the use of the up-to-date exercise equipment. The personnel instill confidence in their clients and are motivational. Just as important to me as their skills in their field, is the obvious personal interest they take in the well-being of their clients.

These regular exercise sessions have been very helpful to me in maintaining flexibility and balance and improved muscle tone. While the sessions are rigorous, they are enjoyable and I look forward to them twice a week. I do not expect to enter the next Olympic Games (I might), but I am pleased with the results of my training.

I highly recommend EW to anyone interested in improving his or her quality of life through exercise. We all know that there are many mental and physical benefits which come from an intelligent and regular exercise regimen directed by good professionals. You will find them at E&W.

Attorney and Retired Circuit Judge


My experience with EW Motion Therapy was excellent! Kevin Coleman was my PT and did an excellent job! I was amazed at how his manual therapy skills helped my leg so much. He is very attentive to me during therapy and listened to how I feel. My leg used to be in constant throbbing pain and with Kevin’s help my it has slowly healed with each therapy session.

All staff members at the EW Motion Therapy are friendly, helpful and allowed me to have an excellent experience every therapy session.

I thank you so much for the excellent service! I appreciate it so much.



During my training and just a couple of months before my 3rd Ironman, I began having such pain and discomfort in my leg that made any running impossible. For weeks, I saw numerous therapists and tried various treatments to no avail or even really had any solid diagnosis. The first time I saw Ethan White he was able to thoroughly analyze my condition and quickly create a treatment plan to address my issues.

Within just a few sessions I was able to feel some immediate improvements and after a few weeks I was back to running and training. Had it not been for Ethan and EW Motion Therapy, I would have never even been able to get to the starting line, much less the finish line of possible a once-in a lifetime Ironman race. I now continue to see Ethan for maintenance work on my body and know he is helping keep me injury free throughout my heavy training schedule.

Age Grouper, Manager


I have been going once a week to EW PT for over 10 years. I have really debilitating back and knee problems. Without the amazing PT I have received I would not be able to ride my horse for pleasure and in competitions, play tennis, ride my bike or participate in ballroom dancing. Everyone there is very helpful, professional and kind. They make you feel like your wellness and movement are the most important thing they do.

Small Business Owner


I cannot say enough good things about the service and people at EW. You get so much personal attention and professional care at EW Motion Therapy. Jon and Rachel ARE THE BEST and always willing to help in emergency situations as well as day to day care. I would not go anywhere else for my physical therapy.

Head Women’s Tennis Coach – Birmingham Southern College


I highly recommend EW Motion Therapy. I experienced a neck injury in the mid-seventies. During the next 30 or so years, I slowly developed progressively worsening neck, back, arm, and leg pain, decreased sensation in my fingers and toes, and clumsiness. It was a long time before the cause of my problem was recognized. I was becoming very concerned that I would not be able to continue my career and do the things that I normally enjoy. Fortunately, I was eventually referred to EW PT. The result was life changing. Ethan White correctly diagnosed my problem, began custom designed therapy, and assigned a short set of exercises that were relatively easy to do. Even though I had developed many years of accumulated issues, I began to feel relief within the first few weeks of therapy. I continue to improve with regular therapy at EW PT, with the support of Ethan White and the rest of the very capable staff at EW Motion Therapy. I have been able to continue my job as well as activities I enjoy which include swimming, walking, and gardening. I cannot thank EW PT enough for making this possible.

Veterinary Pathologist


When my doctor suggested physical therapy for the problem I was having, I was a little reluctant. I had had physical therapy before which had not worked well. My doctor left the decision of where to go to me, of course, but he recommended EW PT and he knew them personally. I agreed to try it and am glad I did.

The PT at EW is performed by professionals whose knowledge and skills are impressive. As they perform the treatments, they explain my diagnosis and how the therapy works to heal and restore so I know what is happening and what to expect. They work with me by discussing how I have responded to the therapy at each appointment and encourage me to call them for help between appointments if I have a problem.

When I began to work with a personal trainer at the gym, my EW therapist suggested that I ask the personal trainer to call him, and they consulted on my work out program. That was important to me to prevent having any activity in my work out that would be harmful.

I have confidence in all the staff. On several occasions, I have recommended EW PT to others and they, too, have had positive experiences and results.

The people who work at EW are friendly, caring and dedicated. My overall experience there has been and continues to be very positive and I am thankful for this wonderful group.



EW Motion Therapy has been a godsend for me.

After thousands of miles from past years logged from running and the sad fact of getting older my body needed a physical therapy solution. EW Motion Therapy has given me that and much more.

From the time you walk into the door until you leave you have a great experience. The staff is professional, courteous and very accommodating. They absolutely take care of my needs through the physical therapy maintenance program I do weekly.

I would give EW my highest recommendation.



Jason and the team at EW have done an excellent job rehabbing my hip. They have been exceptionally professional, cordial and most importantly effective. Thanks and my best regards to all.

Financial Advisor


I have been going to EW Motion Therapy for about 5 years now and have received wonderful physical therapy and attention to detail from my therapist, Jon Delk. I highly recommend EW Motion Therapy to anyone looking for a staff of knowledgeable and motivated physical therapists who truly care about their patients.

CEO / President



I have been a patient off and on for various sports injuries. I cannot say enough about this group, and specifically Stacey Gresham. This is a most amazing practice. EW truly hires PTs that care about the whole person. Stacey checks on me on holidays and on other occasions. The care I have been given is reliable, respectful and professional. I would highly recommend Stacey and EW PT to anybody I know. Thank you for all the assistance with my injuries. I am a better person today because of your care. From the receptionist to the director, my experience has been nothing but positive.


Mike James is the best! He watches out for his patients injuries and works with the PTs to ensure a positive outcome.



I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful treatment I received at EW! Not only did you improve my issues of the bursitis and baker’s cyst of my left knee, but you helped to keep me injury-free while I continued my training for the Hood to Case Relay. I would not have been able to continue training for this event without my weekly visits to Ethan and Phil. My muscles were loosened and treated just right so I could maintain my training, injury-free and reach a top fitness level for this event! The event was great! Our team finished 14th overall out of 1000+ teams, and we finished 2nd in our mixed masters category.

I will continue to seek treatment from EW for my sports-related injuries and/or just for maintenance issues on my fatigued body!



I began my relationship with EW in 2004 when I injured both shoulders. After several months of therapy with no improvement from pain and MRIs revealed both rotator cuffs were torn, EW was my post-op therapists. I have since come for knee arthroscopy and recently finished therapy after total knee replacement in June ’09.

Retired Elementary P.E. Teacher


I have been an athlete my entire life. Fortunately, I have never really had an injury until this last spring. Mike Eskridge and the other therapists and staff treated my injury and helped me recover and I’m now back to normal training. Since I’ve never been injured, I didn’t really know how to handle it, they helped me figure it out and learn to adjust during this time. Their attention was amazing and like I was a professional athlete. I would still be hobbling around without them. Thank You Mike Eskridge!

Juris Doctorate, Legal Assistant


I so appreciate the benefits my patients receive at EW. In addition to top of the line care for a multitude of sports/musculoskeletal conditions, the staff always takes an extra step to ensure a warm and friendly environment.

Sports Medicine Doctor


Physical therapy and EW has helped me reduce the pain in my hamstring that I have been experiencing for 10 months. EW has given me great exercises that I use now and I will continue to use in the future. I feel like I have improved 90 percent since I started therapy! Thanks guys!

Cross Country and Track Coach


I started coming to EW about 8 or 9 years ago with my 1st injury due to my sport of triathlons. I was amazed that I was able to race again in just 2 weeks! Thanks to EW I have had (longevity) and success in being able to compete in 10 Ironman® triathlons and race as an elite (athlete) on Team USA in World Triathlons and Marathon Championships.

Pro Triathlete and Registered Nurse


The staff of EW and PhysioFitness have helped me rehab and train after a major accident and a total knee replacement. I can’t say enough positive things about their professionalism and expertise. They are positive, helpful, and friendly encouragers in my opinion, the best!

Former Client


Since being treated by Ethan White and his associates my performance and recovery levels have risen greatly. I’m able to perform in triathlons with greater ease and comfort. My recovery from difficult workouts and races has significantly improved since my therapy sessions have started. I’m blessed with the work EW Motion Therapy has put into my career and the professionalism they provide.

Professional Triathlete

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