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The Physical Therapist in Homewood, AL, to Get You Moving Again

With the rigorous lifestyles we live, pain and discomfort in the body is quite common. Whether you are an athlete who has suffered an injury, a member of the senior community who is feeling the effects of age or simply someone who is overworked and dealing with aches and pains that come along with struggling for a better lifestyle, we can help. At EW Motion Therapy, we understand the aches and pains you suffer with. This is why we provide physical therapy, yoga classes, pilates classes and pilates training in Homewood, AL, to help you fight not only the pain, but the stress your body is dealing with.

Physical Therapy

Whether it’s an injury or the damage time has done on the body, our experts have the ability to assist you in regaining range of motion and alleviating the pain you are experiencing. With our techniques, we can help you make your way back to the active lifestyle you have become accustomed to. Our therapists are skilled in techniques to get your body moving again. Our goal is to be one of the most successful physical therapists in Homewood, AL. That success comes from helping you obtain the level of movement you hope for.


Other ways our team can help you reach your movement goals is by the classes we offer. We have instructors who are ready to teach you, no matter your level. Our yoga classes in Homewood, AL, are a great place to start learning the movement and skills you want to incorporate into your lifestyle. The same can be said when it comes to our pilates regiment. We offer both pilates classes and pilates training to get you up and going.

If you need physical therapy, yoga classes, pilates classes or pilates training in the Homewood, AL, area, give us a call today to schedule your visit.

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