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Professional Physical Therapist in Tuscaloosa, AL

When dealing with an injury, whether it’s from an accident or sports related, finding the right physical therapist in Tuscaloosa, AL, can be difficult. Our team at EW Motion Therapy understands your needs and wants to do all we can to offer you all the opportunities you deserve to take back control of your body and promote a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Yoga Classes in Tuscaloosa, AL

Yoga is a great way of rehabilitating the body or simply teaching it to embrace new motion and movements. Our skilled instructors will show the proper way to incorporate these movements, helping you enhance your body’s activities and grace, while keeping you on the right track to wellness and a healthier lifestyle.

Pilates Classes in Tuscaloosa, AL

Pilates is amazing for enhancing the connection between the body and the mind. Our instructors are well learned in the proper movement and workouts best suited for anyone interested in adding a pilates regiment to their workout routine. Our methods help you gain maximum motion and connection with your body, thus leading you down the path to feeling better, both mentally and physically.

If you need a physical therapist, yoga or pilates classes in the Tuscaloosa, AL, area, give us a call today to schedule your visit.

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